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Custom ISO, Shutter Speed, White Balance
Choose Manual mode to select a specific camera and enter custom ISO, shutter speed or white balance values. To revert an individual setting back to auto values, just double tap.
Tap anywhere to shoot
No need to aim for a tiny shutter button. Just tap on the large preview to take photos and start/stop video recording.
Single Finger Zooming
Zoom in and out with one finger. It’s easier and your zooms are smoother while recording video.
Easier Selfies
Tapping the large image preview is easier than a Shutter button while your arms are fully extended. Just tap where your finger is! And if you want an extra second or two, the Capture Timer is quick to activate and dismiss when finished.
Depth Capture
On capable iPhones and iPads, use Depth mode to capture and embed depth data to your selfies and rear camera photos.
Since no one takes just one selfie, TapShot can take a set of several photos at the speed you choose. Let the iPhone do all the work while you focus on the perfect poses.
Exposure Adjustments
Just place your finger on the exposure icon and drag up or down to adjust exposure. Double tap to reset.
Color Themes
Choose from 20 different color themes to make your photo and video capturing experience match the color of your iPhone or case.
Complete Privacy
No usernames, passwords or logins. We don’t collect a single thing about you or how you use the app. Just like Apple’s Camera app, your photos are saved directly to the Photos app for you to manage and share.
Add Your Brand
Capture photos with your logo already applied. No need to use a separate app after shooting. Supports alpha transparency when importing a PNG from iCloud Files.
Easy Focus Points
Long press for half a second where you would like to set the focus point.
Snap to Optical Zoom
Drag with two fingers up or down to snap to the available optical zoom positions of your iPhone. This ensures you are only shooting at the optical zoom positions of your iPhone for best quality.
Video Recording Presets
We made it easy to get the right level of quality versus file size. You don’t kneed to know complex video and photo terminology. And you don't need to leave the app to change any settings. 4K, 60FPS, HDR – if your device supports it you can use it in TapShot.
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